High Quality FRED for UPS Systems

Attractive FRED Devices for High Efficiency and Power Availability

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are an effective way of achieving reliable power supply,which ensure reliable voltage supply for critical applications. In addition, they are also obliged to fulfill legislative requirements like power factor correction (PFC). PANJIT’s FRED series are specifically designed for power factor correction(PFC), which provide Best Trade-off on VF & TRR and Soft Recovery Switching characteristics that can be applied to AC/DC PFC control circuit, DC/AC Inverter circuit and DC/DC Push-Pull Converter of UPS. Moreover, it can reduce EMI noise and improve system efficiency.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies(UPS) are used in many areas, such as

• Telecommunications
• Data centers
• Process supply in the chemical and petrochemical industries
• Aviation and air traffic control
• Power supply in hospital rooms and intensive care units

Product Features

• Best trade-off on VF & TRR
• Soft recovery switching
• High efficiency
• High quality
• High junction temperature 175℃
• Low Reverse Recovery Charge
• Low Reverse Recovery Time
• Low Leakage Current


On-line UPS Block Diagram

FRED for UPS Block Circuit



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